1980 Roadrunner build and painting practice

Started picking up my model building again, daughter bought me this model kit , and it will be good practice on learning.

So I had a small paint session , and this was my result , im going to try to make as much detail as possiblle ,but I started with a black primer and and then the base , the black gives it a more drab , maybe little grimmy look to it , so should turn oout alright , the “chrome” paint i used for the bolts and steel parts , are too bright , but gives a lot of contrast , so I plan on adding black to them or probably a wash to it.

Quickly i learned I need better paint brushes tho

Tho it looks big in the picture its 55mm long , or about or 3 and half inches? idk , im not looking it up lol

Update to the engine , decided that since nothing fit right just , gonna focus on improving my painting mostly but I will still attempt to get it together. tried a blending technique i learned on the red area. and tho everything looks bright right now , in the end it wont