Ashton Hathaway

Alex's instruction is clear, constructive, and thoughtfully organized, but most importantly, encourages you to forge ahead into the creative unknown with an awareness of the value of each step.


Excellent teacher who has outstanding knowledge that is immensely helpful for anyone wanting to get into animation or 3D art.

Matthew Whiteman

Good follow through with everything that is shown and taught. I've learned alot ๐Ÿ˜€

Claes Sorensson

Strong knowledge of the subject and very positive.

Caz Wheeler

Alex has a natural ability to teach the complex mechanics of Blender in a fun and easy way! He also shares some useful insights about life along the way!

Roshan Patel

This is the best course I've tried so far. Clear progressive steps. Encouraging words at the end of each lesson. Keeps you motivated and encouraged to keep at it.

Jim Driscoll

Impressed with alex so far - seems like a positive chap who will hopefully demystify blender for me...

Lourdes Alm

The pacing of the teaching was great! Now that I've finished the course I thought it was really good and a fun course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get in to Blender and animation.

Heather Griffin

It's awesome and is explained very clearly

Greg Guerrero

I appreciate that Alex is detailed and thorough without being condescending to his viewers. I like that Alex has a great attitude always positive and upbeat and that he takes the time at the end of each video to express that positive attitude to others through his poems. Thank you Alex for making blender not seem so over whelming!

Tom Sherry

Nicely articulated. Alex moves at the right pace, making the content easy to grasp without feeling like we're stagnating on any one topic or procedure.

Bahram Shahnazi

Very thorough and easy to follow. Learned a lot! Thanks very much

Gordon Tavares

The author is very informative, uplifting and confident

Chris Forrester

I learned a lot, and the instructor demonstrated a good command of experience and made the learning process easy, pleasant and fun!

Dadang Setiawan

This guy is the best Tutor I've seen, and I've done a lot of blender tuts in the last few years. His natural progression and understanding flow seamlessly throughout his videos. Some people may find the repetition of commands annoying but I don't I find it reassuring. Thank you Alex.

Hayden Hill

Passionate instructor with clear & useful information

Keith Sudberry

It's very thorough, and tries to simplify things so you don't get overwhelmed. The professor is friendly, and uses language most people can understand. Each lecture is informational, and actually teaches you something.

Delvin John

The tutorials are easy to follow, and the positive affirmations at the of each video inspires me to go just one more. I just want to thank Alex not only for his easy step by step tutorials, but also his inspirational quotes that will now hang on my wall for those moments when inspiration cannot be found.

Bobbie Ross

He teach well, he makes everything easy and interesting, I understand everything so far ๐Ÿ˜€

Aranganathan Narasimahan

Awesome teacher! everything on point

Gregory Helton

good positive and confident approach from the tutor. Looking that i will be completing my blender tutorial positively

Cello Baca

Highly kinetic presentation keeps it simple and gets directly to the point.

Mark W. Stevens

Very good! Excellent teaching and excellent teacher!

Emil Pongrac

Alex is both likable and noteworthy for imparting interest in his presentation.

Peter Larsen

I like the mentor style, full of enthusiasm and some humor. Cool!

Javier G. Lรณpez

Upbeat - love the energy and excitement of the instructor. Very knowledgable and sure of functionality. Clearly there's quite a lot of experience behind this instructor.

Megan Forgey

Explains the basics so well that it makes it easy to follow along, and also you can notice the amount of experience gained to explain this.

Adam Joshua

Good, easy to understand and great positive teacher

Eric Egger

You're the man! Very entertained by your enthusiasm.

Jesper Terkildsen

Don't need to see more to know teacher has an awesome attitude and cares about what he is teaching. Thank you.


I have no words for it. It's detailed, explained and you know what he is doing, and what you are going to do yourself. It is also easy and clear what he is teaching and it is not boring to listen to like some teachers and other torturials can be, he makes it so that the listener stays interrested. Great overall ๐Ÿ™‚

Daniel Perez

dude, you are awesome! I don't know what I like better your quotes or your sculpture ๐Ÿ™‚ Jokes aside it does help a lot

Christian Colon

I'm just barely getting started but I already feel like I understand what I'm getting into with blender so much more than I did with my little bit of dabbling with youtube tutorials, looking forward to continuing!

Steven Piatt

I like how detailed the explanations are and how passionate the teacher is.