WIP - SSB Pac-Man

Modeling Pac-Man for my brother’s birthday.

Update #1 - Finished the base model, did some sculpting, and added some basic materials. The plan is that he’ll be holding a sign with my brother’s gamer tag in 8 bit letters. Still debating on what I want to do for the environment.

Added his gamer tag, a pedestal, and some lighting. Not completely happy with it yet but it’s getting there. Any feedback/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

haha this is awesome! Think your brother will like it

Added some additional lighting, bloom, and the trophy pedestal from the game. I’m happy with this but I would appreciate any feedback to help improve it! It’s due in 4 day so there’s still time lol.

I think it looks great! I would say zoom it in a bit more as it’s kinda far. And maybe some more dramatic lighting like “movie” spotlights? otherwise well done!