Wild West Contest

I’ve decided to go for the classic draw at high noon. Wanted to start with the hero’s gun. Hoping I’ll have enough time to get it all done but we’ll see.

Very nice gun man!

At this point, I had finished the gunslinger model and started working on the environment.

Decided to change the plot from gunslinger duel to War of the Worlds meets Wild West. By this point, my computer was figuratively crying but we got through it lol. Had a lot of minor tweaks to make but I was really liking how it was going.

This is the latest update. The low res. version was cycles at 32 while the high was cycles at 512. I still have a couple changes to make (raise the brightness a bit, fix whatever is happening at the end of the gun barrel lol) but I’m really happy with it. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.