Using Blender for Visualization

How can I use Blender MORE with the wifes approval?

Use it to accurately create and visualize how we will fix the fence so the dogs don’t rush out at any slight movement and go barking mad as someone innocently walks past!

Were thinking of simply putting more palings on the inside so they cant see through the small gaps.

Been out and measured the fence this morning. All posts, palings, horizontal beams and Trim accurately measured and modelled.

On the inside, created the palings relevant to measurements to what is available. Colored them BRIGHTLY so as they stood out to try and visualize what it would look like.

Fence 1.5 metres high. The red palings are 1.8m. yellow 1.5, Purple 1.2m.

First time using Blender like this and it worked quite well.

ha! Now thats some practical use of Blender. Very smart man! haha

Yes, very practical. Made the decision easy which we will use Grin

Next project will be to model the house. We are considering taking out a window or two and putting in some bay doors, build a deck etc.

More modelling practice to exact measurements and again, very practical!

To get lighting correct to my location! I’m going to have an attempt at making my own HDRI! Will be interesting to see how that turns out.