The cafe scene progress.

I have started working on a cafe scene, so here’s my beginning.

I have started by modeling the base scene with a base cafe, a dustbin, a table and a chair, and a building in the background.

I will gradually add some more 3d elements then add cool details.

I am not going to be using any ready-made models.

It’s all gonna be done from scratch?.


I added in some more 3d elements!

Will add some more and then will move on to texturing.

Finally, I completed modeling the whole scene.

I modeled some interior of the cafe too!!

Its coming along very nicely man. I would really urge you to use refrence images and real life sizes because the propostions are somewhat off.

The chairs and tables are so small compared to the dustbin and even the cone on the corner of the road. Like they have been made for dwarfs(assuming that you are not going for that).

The base of the building including the small surrounding wall is also a bit small.

Importing a human model (set its height to that of an average mam if not already done) in the sceen is also very helpfull to check the scale of everything.

Other than that its very impressive.

Again if you are not going for something realistic then its totally fine.

This is great Pranav! Loving this scene you are putting together :smiley: Makes me want to go there and order something haha. Can’t wait to see it textured