Surveillance robot

Thought I could post my new project here, first time I’m trying hard surface.

Continued a bit. Tbh, I struggle a bit with the leg, I don’t really know how to do it x) But I think the high-poly ic close to done !

That is super cool man! Going to animate it?

I’m thinking about selling it on the UE store, or somewhere, else, so yeah, I think I’ll rig it, at least.

Here’s the progress of my robot. If you have any idea of what to add or whatever, I’m not against ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I will suggest 2 things;
First a glowing eye rather than a metal one(lined orange).

Considering the material, it seems to be used which means that the leg area should more damaged then the rest of the model, So adding darkness/dirt around that area would make sense(lined green).

Note : I added a simple node setup for both of them. Mixing the seperateXYZ with a noise will give more rougher/realistic results.

Yeah, I was thinking what to do for the eye, but indeed, an emissive would be better. For the dirt, it’s planned. I focused more on the upper part for now, but I’ll surely add more dirt on the lower side.