WIP random spaceship design

Love it, but why do spaceships always seem to have wings?

since the ships have to land on planets, so it’s easier if they have sort of wings. Kind of like the retired space shuttle.

That is awesome Po! So cool. I’m exited to see it textured

Thanks! Honestly, I didn’t assign the ‘wings-look-alike’ parts for atmospheric flight (since those could win an award for the most non-aerodynamic wings, lol). I didn’t even think of any spesific role for the ship, though now that I think of it again, the front part can serve as cargo bay etc., and the ‘wing’ on the rear can house communication array.

I didn’t take into account the landing part too, hahah. I think it might not ‘land’ like ordinary ship, but on a highly raised or floating platform instead, should they need to enter planetary airspace.

Thank you! Me is excited too! ?