I’m working on a personal project based on my own concept. I call it the Snyder.

It’s a hybrid between a Dragonfly and a Scorpion. Mechanical of course. The goal of this project is to go beyond my comfort zone and try to model in as many details as I can as its an area I need to improve upon. Because textures can only get so far…

Here are a few screenshots so far :slight_smile: Hope you like it!

Some updates after 10 days…

wow this looks incredible !

So much Detail this things Awesome

I love it!! that’s awesome!

Did you first sketched it with grease pencil?

Oh My god! Epic

Cockpit detailing…

WOOOOOW! Detail looks even more impressive now.


Dude this is amazing! The detail is incredible :slight_smile: And I love that you started learning animation more because now this sick models can come to life!

Thanks!, Although, now I need to optimize everything for animation lol. Coz when playing it back it’s very sluggish :slight_smile:

Thanks Nim

Thanks, eladd!