Sculpting Course section 3

Before starting this course I did a bit of node-based stuff, so when it came time to do a “scene” around I couldn’t stop myself. There are a lot of things that could be better, the mouth shouldn’t be as open, the lighting is a bit random, the grass and “water” (tried to do an impression of figurine-style imitation of water with clear epoxy) could be way better, but I spent all my Blender sessions the last two weeks trying to make this scene (and learning geometry nodes) so I’m going to end it here and move on !

Here are two versions, one with the depth of field and fog, one without. I prefer the one without personally, maybe it’s a just a question of taste, maybe it’s because I didn’t put a background, maybe I missed something in the last lesson, I don’t really know. I decided not to go for the desert style, I had the image of it being on grass before I saw the desert texture.

Very cool design, I like it a lot!

Thank you !

I just realized I posted this in the wrong category ><. Sorry.