My first rig in Blender

Learned rigging in the recent weeks. It was really frustrating but I finally completed my first rigged character. The character was NOT made by me, credits to pierrick Picaut for providing the character to practice some rigging, here´s his yt channel


Congrats on finishing the rigging ! I can understand the frustation as it’s not my favorite part of 3D modeling too … lol :laughing:

Btw, if you want, you can also upload the video/MP4 file here so it will display in the post directly.

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thanks! tried it but the video size was too high

Congrats Demantoidee!
That looks very nice, I can imagine how much patience that took.

“Looks fine, a solid video. However, you should consider tweaking the presentation a bit. It’s really just a few small steps to optimize it. Since you’re using Blender, you have access to the video editor. Drag the video into the sequencer and set your output resolution. BTW, your format of 1154:720 seems a bit arbitrary. If you’re going to downscale, go for 1280:720. Of course, you can set whatever you like; Blender handles everything. Next, trim the start of your video by selecting both strips (video and sound) as usual with a click and shift-click, then cut with Shift-K. You can then delete the start of the video and sound with X as usual. After that, adjust the frame range, and you can render with Ctrl-F12. In less than 3 minutes, which I tested with your video, voila, you have a well-prepared piece. If you want, you can also add an intro and outro, which is no hassle in Blender.”

Very well done man. Now we just need an animation of it! :smiley:

I cannot watch it whyyyyy
always an error occured
I wanna wach