Hot Air Balloon!

Hi! So I am doing a Hot Air Balloon Scene. I saw Vishnu do one and I wanna try it! I will not stop at the modeling. Gonna do the whole scene and maybe try to animate it…

So this is where I am at with the hot air balloon and wicker basket. I have attached screenshots of the current render and the material for the wicker basket. What you you guys suggest for me to make this look more realistic?

I feel like I have a good start on the wicker basket but it could be better.

Here is close up of the wicker basket

I think a lot of it comes from the lighting of the scene. If you want it more realistic, make sure to use cycles and then tweak the lighting so that it gives off good lighting, Possibly use an HDRI or 3 point lighting. Also for the basket itself, I feel it’s a bit too sharp at the top square part, maybe soften it up a bit. if you want it to have finer detail, you could actually mdoel the basket or add a displacement modifier but this will raise the poly count very high

Progress photo

Made the basket from scratch lol

WOW! So much better chelsea! Very nice