Head Sculpture

This was the dragon head sculpture that I did following Alex’s lead during one of his Udemy Blender 2.8 classes. The sculpting tools seem to leave the mesh really, really messy. But I found a automatic retopology thingy called Tesselator at Blendermarket for like 8 bucks and that helped make the mesh a lot easier on the eyes by turning most stuff into quads. My original attempt with Tesselator simplified the mesh too much - it would have been good for something that I needed to be lower-poly, but the lizard head lost a lot of the “nooks and crannies” that made it more interesting.

I have no idea when I’d ever use sculpting or the retopology tool again, but they’re fun to play around with!


Very nice Mark! Sculpting is definitely a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll do it some more as time goes by :slight_smile: