Gnome home

My Gnome home project. Trying to finish a project with Eevee.

Goal is to create a colorful, bright, clear, fantastic environment of a gnome. And I have many ideas and I have no idea where it leads to.

Very cool Pete! Love the style of this and definitely want to see it completed :slight_smile:

Why is Eevee so bright with the environmental background?
I only need a soft blue-ish sky and a sun lamp.

Composition decisions, will use camera blur to emphasize small dome.

First render try with grass samples.

I want to add something, as a reference to scale, to show the size of things. Like a coca-cola bottle cap. Only to show how tiny this house is.
A cap as table or chair. Or a door ornament.  or clothing button …

Any suggestions for adding small (functional) details …

How would a Gnome use a bottle cap?

Clothing button table or maybe even a coin?

A bottle cap as a wash troth. Maybe with a string clothes line

A first color schema, and some refinement in mesh.

I don’t like the way Eevee is handling camera focus (blur). Any help here?

I’m pleased how this “freehand” thingy progress. Still a lot of things to do.

Working on the details now. This is a Cycles render. Much better camera focus handling.

Looking amazing.

Not sure what you have planned for the bottle cap, but seeing it like that agaisnt teh side of the house. I was thinking maybe they stack firewood in it?

I prefer cycles in ever way.

Clever! I like it.

The bottle cap could be used as a sled too in Winter if they have any hills to slide down.

Man this is brilliant Crispy! I think you achieved the look of how small it is. Well done! Is it finished? As soon as it is, I would love to share it on the Blendermania FB page and Instagram! So cool!

Gnome home, just exploded … 34 minutes of Eevee render time! I only added a bit more grass particles.

And also Eevee doesn’t work well with transparent (alpha channel) images. Same for subsurface scattering …

The grass is a nice touch! Definitely adds to it!

Creating some blueberries as a side project. Adding details to the Gnome Home. I created the texture bitmap, with the Blender drawing tools. Which is is still a bit mystical to me.

I decided, this is the last Gnome Home render!

I got the feeling adding more will add less to the scene. Maybe when I have more inspiration, I will continue. I still have a lot of ideas. But in details and fine tuning. Or it must be the owner of the house … :wink:

My goal was to finish with Eevee. Render time 3min or less. But the camera focus and lighting is still not my cup of tea.
So this final version is done in Cycles 23min.

I used some objects from previous projects. If you leave a clean project, good structure, and naming convention. It’s becomes handy in the future. I borrowed; bottle cap, lantern, roof dorm, bucket from my water well project. I decided to leave the complete water well out of this project. It was too much I think (composition wise).

That’s it. For me, it was a good and fun project.

Eevee … strange lighting. But in this case, I like Eevee better than the Cycle night version.

This is amazing Pete! Thanks for sharing the WIP with everyone. I think it came out great! I like the night scene too. Definitely sharing this on the FB page right now! So cool! Would be so cool to see an animation with this scene with some little characters haha. Can’t wait to see what you work on next

Is OK! I’m thing about a short story with Mr. Alien. But first I try to clean-up a bit (re-topology).