Dry Wine Sunset

Calling the random blend done. Could use color correction but enough is enough.

I wonder how did you get so realistic placement (Perfect rotation and scale variation) of the leaves on what I suppose is a curve !

Also, Is that another cylinder inside the glass with an image texture or the glass itself has one ?

The glass is using a gradient into a color ramp of a yellow/orange/red/blue/white (which is clear) and green. The sun you see in the glass is actually a point lamp set to a yellow color. The inside of the glass is actually a sculpted landshape with particles for the sand and a blue noise texture for the little river.

What you see reflecting back in the glass is actually that same landscape like in an infinity mirror.

You are spot on with the vines they are just curves then particle alpha card ivy leaves added and their rotation adjusted and phase as well. If you look closely you will see some that are sticking through things but I have learned most don’t tend to look that closely especially when the scene is kind of busy or the focal point is being directed.