Castle and I still have that perspective question.

Still have that perspective question. And by perspective I mean how things appear not a setting in blender like perspective mode and orthographic. Something is wrong with blender or the camera or something. If you look at the castle in the front view you will see it is not wide and the decoration thing is in the middle of the front yet it looks like it is all the way over to the tower in the ‘side’ view.

Its like comic book perspective or something. Everything seems very distorted.

Is this correct to reality or is there a setting or focal length thing I need to know about?

Is the decoration section piece actually further away from the front of the castle? If so then that would be the cause of the view change making it look as though it is on one side and then more centered in the other view.

OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. I had deleted a front piece with a door that the decoration was up against. I had a hard time trying to texture it.

I am also having trouble texturing with the tower caps but I think I will be redoing those anyway.

Thanks for seeing that. I guess I shouldn’t Blender all night long.