Blender Robot Character

Since for some reason the ability to ask things via “updates” on the Wall are not working for me, I’ll ask the question here and then use this for if the responses are positive.

If I were to make a robot character in Blender, would people be interested in seeing it develop and potentially be animated? I don’t mean robot like SpyBorg, I mean something a little more noticeably mechanized and also not textured with pixels, but made with materials and textures of metal on individual pieces that make up the robot’s exterior, similar to how I made the Zords, but something a little more akin to Transformers, (I do not plan on a transforming character) Wall-E, and other robots that are very obviously robotic but are capable of expressions and gestures.

It would be relatively simple in design, but more complicated than say, a character like Orange.

The concept for animations is this would be a robot that stumbles upon ordinary objects, but has no idea what they are, thus testing different methods to seeing how they work.

What do you all think of the idea?

I love the idea Drift. Would love to see this in motion. Go ahead!


I always like your projects. An animated robot? Please do.


Definitely man!