Basic Enviroment Scene

just something i was messing around with

Looks better Darker i think

Cool, reminds me of Some of the Doom/Quake games.

Something Simple

Very nice and calming scene Simon, I really like the colors for the water. A wet look on the ball would add to the realism I think

thanks alex your right i didnt even think about the ball being wet im gonna go fix that

Quick fix made the ball look wet

I definitely agree, the colors are great. Feels like an actual lake.

You’re welcome man, sometimes it’s easy to miss things like that as we focus on the bigger picture. I think it looks better this way and again, very nice summer render :slight_smile:

just a little displacement

oh nice man. Makes me want to go Kayaking

final render of environments course

really nice!!! I think it came out great… Exploding Head

Which environment course was this from?

All of these are wonderful!
this is the course Eladd wasnt to bad there was a few things i already knew but also some new stuff i didnt know

thanks guys there was some things i could have changed to make a little better but im quite happy with it

Would you look at that. I have that course as well lol If I recall, it was the first course I could find that helped with learning 2.8 so I only did the first segment. Haven’t gotten around to finish the last. Story of my life with Blender.

Most courses there is always something you already know, but there is always some little tip or trick that you learn and you go ’ Ahhhhhhhhhh…I must remember that!’

Wow simon really like it! Very neat :smiley:

basic mech animation