Concept of a weird looking airship, made with Inkscape.

Indeed a strange looking ship but that’s why I love it! Reminds me of one of those beetles with the pinchers haha

Looks like a crossbow ship ready to fire ?

Thanks! Was just moving shapes around trying this and that as this is like the third or fourth concept already, not refering to anything spesific though I guess the front part made it looks like it lol!

Haha that’s a cool one, this is meant more like a passenger ship btw, but a military modification as a cannon platform shooting giant laser arrow would be a neat idea!

Done with blocking out, now to the details and whatnot. That front part looks like scuba mask btw… lol

Now onto environmenting, finishing and submitting …

Where do you submit them?

Where do you find all this challenges??? ?

It’s a secret, lol… this one is for CGBoost monthly challenge.

Finished scene and render : Aeroport 25 - Finished Projects - Discourse

Also uploading the clay render here instead.