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Website Overview


1. Home menu to go to the homepage of the site

2. Tutorials menu to go to the tutorials hub

Submenus include:

  • The Ultimate Blender Guide
  • Request a tutorial
  • Getting started

3. Featured menu to see currently featured image and past featured images

4. Contests menu to take part in current contest happening for BlenderMania

5. Forums menu to go to the forums page. In the forums menu you will find forums for getting help, sharing your work and more

6. Profile menu (only displays when logged in) is to navigate to your BlenderMania profile page

7. Public chat room (only displayed when logged in) brings you to a public chat room. This can also be accessed via the live chat. Item number 30

8. Badges and points (only displayed when logged in) brings you to a page where you can see the different badges, ranks and requirements for each

9. The Ultimate Blender Guide brings you to a 26 hour long course that goes from A-Z of Blender. Course can be accessed via number 25 under "courses" tab


  • Account Details

10. Help brings you to this page


  • Contact Us

11. Global search. Here you can search for posts, forums, users etc.

Only Accessible When Logged In


12. Messages tab to access your messages, compose messages, etc.

13. Notifications tab to see your notifications

14. Shopping cart for any items to purchase

15. Dropdown menu for your profile where you can access different aspects of the community


16. Update cover photo button to change your cover photo

17. Remove your cover photo or generate a random one


These menus will appear in number 28 and submenus for each of these main menu items will appear in number 26

18. Your activity stream

19. Your profile

20. Your profile notifications

21. Messages and inbox system

22. Friends list

23. Groups that you are a part of or to create a new group

24. Forums that you created, replied to or subscribed to

25. Additional options including Docs, Courses, Media & Settings

  • Docs are like word docs that you can save and share with other users
  • Courses is where you can access the courses that you have bought
  • Media tab is where you can create albums and upload your artwork
  • Settings tab to configure your profile

26. Submenu of above mentioned main menu items where you get additional options

27. Additional options and navigation


28. This is where the menu options will be displayed depending on which main menu and submenu item you are on


29. This is the widgets area where you can find different information such as highest ranked users, recently online users, search, etc.

30. Live chat function