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    June 5, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Welcome to the BlenderMania Community! Here you will be able to connect with like minded people, share your work get help and much more! To find a particular topic on this page, hit CTRL+F and search for it.

    Find more helpful info under the HELP menu at the top

    *This Post Will Be Update As Time Goes On & The Community Grows*

    Topics Covered:

    Points, Badges & Ranks
    Featured Image
    1) Forums
    The forums are a place for Blendermaniacs to connect, share their work, get help and more! It works like any other forum where you can create topics, reply to others, post images of your work or what you need help with. Please follow the following guidelines for forums or you may lose points for misconduct or get removed from the community if you happen to be causing too much trouble for the Blendermania family ?

    Please treat others how you would like to be treated. Be respectful of others, no trolling, hating or bullying
    Please no pornographic, offensive or graphic images that don’t belong
    No spamming (Considered spam is also comments left for no reason or relation to the topic at hand just to accumulate points)
    Have fun! Encourage, help and give constructive criticism to one another! We are here to grow and have fun along our Blender journey!

    2) Profiles
    Profiles are your place for you to customize and post your works and anything else you want to share that you make on your Blender journey! On your profile you can do any of the following and much more!

    Update a profile and banner pic to reflect your personality or your Blender work!
    Add in your details so that people can know you a bit (Gender, about, website link, etc.)
    Access your courses that you buy through
    Upload Images and videos of your work in Blender for others to see
    Add other users as friends and message them through the direct messaging or the Instant Chat
    See your point activity, current points, rank and badges
    Create Blender groups!

    3) Points, Badges & Ranks
    Points, ranks and badges is the reward system for BlenderManiacs within the community! You can see a list of ranks and badges and their requirements as well as the points that you get for different activities HERE

    Points – You accumulate points for pretty much any and all interaction that you create within the community! Different activities give different amount of points. The more points you have, the higher rank you get and the more you are recognized in the community. Your ranks, points and badges are visible for all to see within the community. The higher more you contribute or interact, the more points you’ll get which means a higher rank which could lead to different perks and benefits. Points can also be used to buy lottery tickets in the lottery system or to, in the future, use to buy things like courses or anything else in the shop!

    Ranks – Ranks are the level you have reached that represent your current point amount. For a full list of ranks and their point requirement, check the link above. Ranks range from Bronze level 1 to Gold level 5. There are ranks which are not yet visible or earned which are the “Blender Elite” ranks.

    Badges – Badges are earned when you complete or achieve a certain thing as described by the page in the link above. Badges can be given for winning a contest, biggest contributor to site, etc. These badges will be proudly displayed on your page so that other Blendermaniacs can see that you aren’t messing around!

    4) Contests
    Contests are held often (Usually once a month) and they are a way to challenge you and use all your skills, talent and Blender knowledge into a single project that everyone will see. Not only will you get the satisfaction of creating an awesome piece of work that you put a lot of time and effort in but you will have the chance to earn a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place price along with getting your image featured on the front page of the Blendermania site and earning a badge!

    To enter into the current contest, simply check if there is one currently happening by clicking the following link and reading the details! CLICK HERE

    5) Tutorials
    Tutorials are pretty self explanatory! The tutorials on BlenderMania are listed a bit everywhere but of course the main way to access them is via the “Tutorials” tab on the main menu. The tutorials here are a lot driven by you so make sure to leave comments, interact, post your work that you create from them and also request a tutorial via the “Request A Tutorial” tab found HERE

    6) Featured Image
    Featured Images are images that are selected by Admins to be featured on the homepage and in the “Featured” gallery of the website. To see the current featured image just go to the following link HERE and you can submit your own by following the link on that page. Featured images are a way to get a chance at getting your best artwork featured and get your name exposed to thousands of others! So submit your best artwork today and you might just get it featured!

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